Federica Mapelli, Luna Arreghini : Wicked Asylum - In My Soul (Official Music Video)

Official music video for "In My Soul" from Wicked Asylum's first EP, REBIRTH, available for purchase on the official shop http://www.wickedasylum.com/shop/

We want to thank all the people who worked their asses off for this video to be born: Luca, Andrea, Daniele, Stefano, Jun, Marco, Vittorio, Davide. Rage, Melancholy and Grief will never get us: there's always a way to be a Survivor.
Wicked Asylum is
Banshee - Vocals
 Cioppa - Drums
 Luna - Rhythm Guitar
 Fade - Lead Guitar
Vale - Bass Guitar
Directed by Luca Gatti Director of Photography Andrea Bertazzi Makeup, Hair and Special Effects Daniele Piccione Edited by Stefano Ferraro Screenplay Viola Cioppa Fai

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Wicked Asylum - In My Soul (Official Music Video)