Tash Wolf: Haze Trio 2017 and 2016

Tash Wolf: Haze Trio 2017

YouthRock 2017 Finals GUEST BAND

Haze Trio won YR in 2016 and return as guest band to give a blistering performance of their unique kind of cool!! Amazing band - amazing talent - amazing music. Thanks guys :) :)

Haze Trio 2017

HAZE TRIO, 2016 winners of YOUTHROCK.

Haze Trio are an amazing band from Eastern Sydney. With their unique brand of funk, jazz – throw in shades of Hendrix, They smashing it out of the ball park with a mind shattering performance to win YOUTHROCK 2016. Congrats!!!!!

YOUTHROCK is the largest unsigned band competition in NSW. 40 bands over 4 nights. Congrats and congrats to also to all the crew of youth rock for putting on another great event.

Haze Trio