Tora Nagumanova: Periphery - The Bad Thing (guitar cover)

Solo: 3:38Tuning: DAFCGA Hey, look! It's another cover on Friday? Maybe make it our oficial day of uploads? We'll see how it goes...
Not the actual sound of Periphery I would say but y'know... I'll get there someday ;)
Love this song so much. I remember how I first heard it on Misha's 'tips for recording guitar' video. Back then I didn't even know who is he! Cool guy. I would love to have equipment similar to his stuff someday.
Thanks for watching. Equipment used: SOUND
ERNIE BALL 10-52 strings (yea gauge's that thin xD)
PRS SE Standart 24 guitar
VOX cable
PEAVEY Vypyr VIP-3 combo
Shure SM57 mic
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 soundcard
Reaper 5.40 DAW
Guitar Rig 5
Microsoft 10 VIDEO
Sony Nex-6 camera
iMovie editor

Periphery - The Bad Thing (guitar cover)