Arianna Powell: with Pete Thorn play the Suhr Alexa Chorus

Arianna stopped by Pete's studio with her new Suhr guitar and new Alexa Chorus.. she plugged the guitar into the chorus with a fairly fast rate and medium depth... and a Strymon El Cap for a bit of echo and the Flint for a bit of reverb.. into the Jim Kelley Reverb amp and played through a mic'd open back cab with a Celestion A-type. Pete played his Suhr Signature model through a Wampler Ego comp and the Suhr Hedgehog, into the Suhr Reactive Load, line out into the Alexa on a low rate and medium depth setting,, stereo out to his interface, and added IR's of a Celestion G1265 in an open back cab.

They wrote and recorded this song in an evening (drums and bass were added the following day, thanks to Mr. Curt Bisquera) and a mix was done), BOOM finished.

Check out the Suhr Alexa:

Arianna Powell & Pete Thorn play the Suhr Alexa Chorus