Madeline Kenney: Audiotree Live

Madeline Kenney - Audiotree Live by Madeline Kenney

1. Big One 02:44
2. Waitless 02:49
3. John In Irish 04:43
4. Uncommon 03:15
5. Give Up // On Anything 04:14

Madeline Kenney is a serial hobbyist who bakes, draws, and writes music under her own name. She's a thoughtful songwriter whose low-key, fuzzy rock tunes are arranged in unique and often startling ways. Kenney incorporates noisy, ethereal electronic looping and vocal effects to match the underlying emotion within each of her lyrical, brilliantly produced tunes.

Band Members

Madeline Kenney - Guitar, Vocals, and Sampler

Scott Brown - Bass

Camille Lewis - Drums and Vocals
released October 11, 2017