Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear live in Switzerland

Bridear Live in Switzerland Luzern, Konzerthaus Schüür -Two last Songs: Skew Lines and Ignite.
Date: October. 10. 2017
Current lineup: Kimi: Lead-Vocals. Misa: Guitars (vocals/grunt), Mitsuru: Guitars, Haru: Bass (Growls), Kai: Drums.

Translation in English of the announcement:
Bridear are from the Japanese city of Fukuoka and started in the year 2011. Founded by Kimi, Mitsuru and Haru. The All Girl-Band stands for powerful live shows with hard guitar sound. Their debut album was released in 2013 in Japan. Guitarist Misa is the first female finalist of the GIT Masters. GIT Masters is a competition for guitarists of Young Guitar-Magazine.
We expect fast drums, lots of guitars and girl-power! One time to Japan and back, please!

Bridear - Live in Switzerland Lucerne- Skew Lines/IGNITE

Bridear live in Switzerland Oct.13.2017 -Chur Rebirth
Live in Chur October Friday the 13. 2017 A.D:
1. Marginal Lie
2 Voice Is To Silence
3 Imitation or My Heart Sigh! (not played)
4. Rebirth
6.箱庭 (Miniature Garden)
7. .SCREAM Set Me Free
8.Thread Uf The Light
9. Light InThe Dark
11. Skew Lines
ENCORE (not played)
13 Another Name
14 Wing Of Hope

Bridear live in Switzerland 10.13.2017 -Chur Rebirth