Yoshi, Toki: Aldious - dilemma Live from "Live Unlimited Diffusion" (DVD)

Aldious, 2017 2nd album "We Are" will be released on 29th November! Official site https://aldious.net In

commemoration of the release of the new album "We Are", we are releasing "LIVE VERSION" of "Dilemma". And free DL decided "Absolute (Short Version)" from the new album for only 5 days!

Ultra Limited Analog Edition also released Release LP Record 1 Fully Limited 500 Sheet Analog CD & Member 1 ALDI-016R LP record 2 complete limit 500 copies Analog CD & Member 1 autographed numbering card with numbering card ALDI-017 CD 【Normal Edition】 ALDI-016 CD 【Official FC Limited Edition Bonus With disk】 ALDI - 018 Register here
https://vaastore.jp/aldious For

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1. Intro
2. We Are
3. Persevere
4. Absolute
5. Never give up
6. ここにいる不在
7. 愛しい男
8. Happy Birthday
9. Travelers

1. We Are (Music Video)
2. Go away (Music Video)
3. Without You (Music Video)
4. The Making of “We Are”
5. 梅華 (Live) (from “Live Unlimited Diffusion”)

Aldious / dilemma Live from "Live Unlimited Diffusion" (DVD)