Jennifer Batten: Rough Diamond from the Scherer Batten CD - "BattleZone"

Vocals - Marc Scherer
Lead Guitar & video - Jennifer Batten
Rhythm Guitar - Mike Aquino
Bass - Bill Syniar
Drums - Bill Kelly
Keyboards - Jim Peterik
From songwriter Jim Peterik:
Sometimes, a song does not end up where it was originally intended. Back in the 90’s, I was commissioned by
my publisher to write the title track for a little flick called “Pretty Woman,” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. I was
sent the script and a rough cut of the movie and I went to town. I demoed it to the hilt with the late Kyle Woodring slamming
the drums, Bill Syniar on bass and John Melnick on lead vocal. The movie company flipped, everyone was dancing and
then, for reasons unknown to me (studio politics, perhaps?) it was cut. Ouch! If you listen to the words, you can trace the actions on the screen. All I can say is, I got a great song out of the experience and now it’s presented here (with the original bass player!) in its ultimate form.

Rough Diamond from the Scherer Batten CD - "BattleZone"

Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open from the Scherer Batten CD - "BattleZone"