Jess Lewis: I Cant Help It (Michael Jackson)

Playing around with Isaiah Sharkeys version of Michael jacksons “I cant help it”.
& happy new year to all you folks!

Recorded through logic pro. Sg guitar.

I am not a product of JTC aka; jamtrackcentral (and am no longer involved)- the fusion phase that I went through when I was 16, the perfectly recorded videos done in their studio & the minor edits they did after to try and make the sound/playing faults erased to be perfection that would make them to me less human, less live.
I was never taught by Alex Hutchings which for some reason some people assumed that, or by JTC, I simply did what other people did purchased a pack from the website, learnt it and posted it etc. I am 80% self taught, the 20% being that I did have 20 mins lessons/rockschool book once a week for 2 years whilst at school, family and their older friends giving me tapes or cds to listen to, & finding them demonstrational dvds on how to play such and such song, & watching other musicians play if that counts. Though the biggest teacher I would say is performing live in bands. All of what I do is what I learn myself or by ear, I can not read music.

Now however, what you see is what you get with whatever I post on here - imperfections and the lot, a person who is trying to figure out the best way to home video/record however that isn’t going well.
A guitarist / bassist who is still & will be forever learning and making mistakes.
This is how I play, & will continue to try and keep the fire burning so to speak, & try and achieve what I’d like out of playing music-which for me is enjoyment and getting the best out of playing, the buzz when playing a great gig even if that is just a local covers band, playing with good musicians/friends, & mostly earning a stable enough living from it - thats the dream..

Jess Lewis - I Cant Help It (Michael Jackson)