Jassy J: PAPA ROACH - Between Angels And Insects

Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects - Album: Infest (2000) guitar cover by Jassy =)
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ENG: First Papa Roach cover after years!!!! Maaan, Universal Music has blocked covers worldwide on mobile devices for a long time... Glad it is over now!! As I am working of more complex covers, I recorded that easy song for today.... It took me 6 hours to learn, record, mix, render and upload it xD Have fun! \m/

DEU: Nach vielen Jahren endlich mal wieder ein Papa Roach Cover! =D Gott sei Dank blockiert Universal Music keine Cover mehr weltweit für mobile Geräte, das hat teilweise echt genervt! Da ich grade kompliziertere Sachen übe, gibt es heute wieder ein einfaches Cover. Hab den innerhalb von 6 Stunden gelernt, aufgenommen, gemixt, Video editiert, gerendert und hochgeladen. Viel Spaß!

Tuning: Drop D

PLEASE NOTE: I used the original track and turned down the volume so that you can hear what we play, also I applied an EQ so that my guitar pops out in the mix =) I double tracked the audio and recorded along the video. The fretboard closeup is an additional angle.
I used my Panasonic Lumix 4K cam for the video

PAPA ROACH - Between Angels And Insects [GUITAR COVER] | Jassy J