Mika Nanae, Kaori Hisai: GEL - Girls Emotional Loud "Flowers fall" Music Japan

【Vocal & Guitar】Kaori Hisai [HINAI KAORI]
【Guitar】Mika Nanae [MINAMI]
【Bass】Avi [AVY]
【Drum & Chorus】Kasami Tsubasa [KASANAMI TUBASA]

Published September 21, 2017

1st single "Flowers fall" GEL - listen -


1st single "Flowers fall" release

¥ 1.000 (tax in)

1.Flowers fall

2.pump it up!

HP http://gel.gel-band.com

2017/10/20 1st single "Flowers fall" release ¥ 1.000 (tax in) 1.Flowers fall 2.pump it up! ON-LINE SALES め た る 屋 SAMUSIC

You can purchase at each live event venue sales - Girls Emotional Loud - GEL (Gel) Start in January 2016. It will be restarted as a girls band from October 2017. Featuring a melodious riff consisting of Twin guitar from Warlock and Telecaster, and a guitar vocal that emotionally sings Shout and Clean to a heavy sound consisting of a 5 string bass and drum twin pedals. The single "Flowers fall" released on 2017.10.20 is the first sound source for GEL. Tracklist 1. Flowers fall 2. pump it up! Is a classic GEL signature song both as lyrics written by Kaori Hinnai songwriting. Although it is a band whose activity history is still shallow, since all members write lyrics and composition, future musicality and the view of the world view are widely expected from future activities. Activity methods are not limited to live performances, but the performance of the stage is also decided as the person himself. Live playing the play song in original songs and extending the range of activities in the future also on the net etc. = MEMBER = VoGt. Hisashi Kaori 3 piece Girls band Liquid NOISE After the activity, the GEL startup guitar is BCRich's warlock Gt. It is not familiar with Shodoshima from Metro Shizuoka in Seto Inland Sea, but it is various and joins GEL Telecaster and animation I like Ba. In the Avi Basin, summer is hot and snowy in snow in winter. I always live with my enlightenment in my life, become a vegetarian, longing for Cyborg while thinking about animals and children all over the world. The future dream is to quietly stay in the mountains like De Saçanto. To make an animal kingdom. Dr. Kasami Tsubasa Hyogo prefecture from the countryside Fiery ★ ★ Mechatto Drums even in the Kansai Activities in the model industry utilizing the height of the Kansai dialect 170 cm with a strong accent

GEL "Flowers fall" Music Clip