Jess Woess: My Telecaster Build - Part 1: The Parts

Hey guys, if you follow me on social media, you will know I had a guitar stolen from me (Fender Roadworn Telecaster 2008 model serial number: MZ8190434 - it would be awesome if you could keep an eye out for it.)
I bought a body a little while ago with the intention of kinda rebuilding it! I had grown so attached to Telecasters after I got that one and was pretty heart broken when it got stolen! :(
So I have finally finished purchasing all the parts and they arrived in the mail... It's time to put this thing together!! But of course trouble has arisen!!

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Here are links to all the parts I purchased incase you're looking into making your own! (I already want to make another one and this one isn't even finished yet!)
The body was off this guitar:
The Neck was off this guitar:
The Bridge:
The Pickups:

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My Telecaster Build - Part 1: The Parts (inc. Problems & Solutions)