Tiphaine Vln: Jades - I don't care and Danger city - Live Paris 2018

Lyndsay: Lead Vocals/Bass
Taïphen: Lead Guitar
Cherry: Rhythm Guitar
Chloe: Drums

But who is behind this name, JADES?

Take four girls, meet in mysterious circumstances, and add to the recipe a max of rock'n'roll . Lyndsay (lead vocals / bass vocals), Taïphen (lead guitar), Chloé (drums) and Cherry (rhythm guitar / choirs) form the group in Paris at the end of 2016, following a few dates in the spring, just to test the audience, release a title in demo and they are reassembled to block for the next round.
The goal? Offer their recipe based on varied influences to the world and definitely make an impression, to show your ears that girls armed with passion and relentlessness can lift mountains, or at least their gear. The compos a little feel the Runaways, a little 80s, a little Halestorm, with a touch of Slash.

Find JADES in concert in autumn, mainly in the Paris region but also in Switzerland during the Fire'N'Steel festival in September or in Brussels in November. What to shield for a continuation of program rich in distortion.

Do you plug? Come, approach, we do not bite.

Jades - I don't care - Live Paris 2018

Jades - Danger city - Live Paris 2018