Hinako: BRATS 1st album "BRATS" (released on July 25) trailer

8/1 Osaka, 8/3 Tokyo (Ikebukuro) album reproduction Free additions for live participation are recruited! 8/1 Osaka, 8/3 album reproduction free live performed in Tokyo has already closed the application, but expanded recruitment frame with popularity. We are looking for new 15 people at each venue. * Please refrain from duplicate entry of those who have already been elected. 【We are looking for additional CD participants for the preliminary CD buyers of the album "BRATS" and free live event participants for the day buyers! 】 ■ BRATS FREE LIVE "WILL 3" August 1 (Wed) Osaka LIVE SPACE CONPASS (Compass) OPEN 18: 30 / START 19 : 00

■ BRATS FREE LIVE "WILL 4" August 3 (Fri) Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA (Rosa) OPEN 18: 30 / START 19 : 00

【Event Content】 Album Recorded Music Replay Live ◆ Admission Free * However, drink fee is required 【How to enter】 Application: info@brats-official.com Please answer the questionnaire below and apply. ◆ Please send the subject of the outgoing email to either of the following. · BRATS August 1 (Osaka) Event participation hope · BRATS August 3 (Ikebukuro) Event participation wish ◆ Questionnaire 1. Your name (nickname and handle name acceptable) 2. Gender 3. Age 4. Your place of residence (capital Prefectures and municipalities) 5. When and where did you learn BRATS? 6. Please tell me 3 favorite artists. We will invite 15 Osaka people and 15 Ikebukuro by lottery. ◆ Entry period is 7/5 (Thurs) 20: 00~ 7/8 (Sunday) 23: 59
◆ Winning announcement will notify the winner only by 7/12 (Thursday) and will email you the entry number of the day. ※ Please understand that we will not contact the person who has missed the lottery. * Winner will inform reception number and name (nickname and handle name possible) at reception and present the belt of album "BRATS". ※ I will stamp the belt. This trailer will be open for a limited time only. We will close two months after the release of the album.

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BRATS 1st album "BRATS" (released on July 25) trailer