Jimena Fosado: GoFundMe Campaign for VISA


Jimena Fosado, female guitar player, is currently seeking status to be able to work and share her talents in the United States. She is looking to fulfill her dreams, hopes and wishes by being able to stay in Los Angeles and continue working on her many musical projects.

About the Team : We are a group of musicians organizing this campaign for our dear friend & colleague whom we've all enjoyed working with her incredible unique talents. We believe that Jimena Fosado has incredible potential to utitlize her talents worldwide. We also believe that in order for her to do that she has to be in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. Jimena already has so many opportunities to work on several albums, tours, and other industry related work.

About Jimena Fosado : When applying for Musicians Institute, she was awarded with the Synyster Gates Scholarship (Avenged Sevenfold). She has shared stage and played with Steve Vai, Dave Weiner, Philip Bynoe, Paul Reed Smith(PRS Guitars), Scott Page(Pink Floyd), Mike Beal (Earth Wind and Fire) among others. Jimena is also a member of Lynette Shebyrd as one of the lead guitarists. She has toured two national tours in the U.S. as lead guitarist for child actor Corey Feldman's all girl band Corey's Angels. She's also been a YAMAHA and LINE 6 product tester and proudly endorsed by EMG Pickups and Elixir Strings. Jimena is currently recording guitar on several albums and working with an upcoming US national tour.

What : Jimena Fosado needs $5000 for lawyer fees, $1500 for government fees, and an additional $1000 for other immigration expenses (ie: travel, required press, registrations, processing).

Our gratitude is endless for everyone's support. We love Jimena and we can't wait for more of the world to find out about her and share in her talents and dreams. She is an artist worth supporting. Make your donation now!

GoFundMe Campaign for VISA - Jimena Fosado