Leah Sly, Jime Fosado: Tush Lynette Shebyrd - all-gyrl trybute to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Lynette Skynyrd is the world's one & only all-gyrl trybute to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Out of "Southyrn" California, this band of mega-talented female musicians expresses the unconquered spirit of Southern Rock. Lynette captures the essence of Skynyrd, tapping into those halcyon days when rock was experienced with all the senses. If the past is indeed a prologue to their musical journey, then Lynette Skynyrd is nothing less than timeless. With a badass rock-chick authority, these daisy duke dames transport the Skynyrd classics into the modern era.

Lynette Shebyrd performs Tush by ZZ Top at Joe's Great American in Burbank, CA

Lynette Shebyrd Sweet Home Alabama

Can't You See - Lynette Shebyrd