Cyrielle Duval: official video for my single « INVIDIA »!!!

INVIDIA: Music by Stéphan Forte / Lyrics by Cyrielle Duval

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This is the official video for my single « INVIDIA »!!!
Thank you to everyone that participated to its realisation! And a very special thank-you to Monique and Thierry Dronet from Les Jardins de Berchigranges ( for allowing me to shoot in their wonderful gardens!!!

Vocals & Lead Guitar by Cyrielle Duval
Rythm Guitars & Orchestral Programming by Stéphan Forté
Drums by Jelly Cardarelli

Recorded and mixed by Jelly Cardarelli
Produced by Cyrielle Duval

Video directed by Psyrus Studio
Scenario by Cyrielle Duval
Stylism by Sophie Duval
Make Up by Foxlyne Cooper
Video shot at Jardins de Berchigranges:
Produced by Cyrielle Duval

CYRIELLE - Invidia (Official Video)