Meytal Cohen, Anna Sentina, Nikki Simmons, Kristen Sturgis: Co-Lab - Into The Fire

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The very first Co-Lab vid is here!

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but in all my attempts, the final product ended up sounding… well, like poo. however, since my small but fierce group of patrons has got my back, I’ve been able to give this another go. the first Co-Lab is here, and result are looking goooood.

To kick this off I thought it would be fitting to feature this awesome group of chicas.. cause let’s face it, we’re more fun to look at, but worry not, the dudes will make their debut on the next one!

I’m pretty stoked about how this one came out, and I think the girls did a great job! I was a bit worried Nikki wouldn’t pull off the screams this songs requires but she actually shut me up real good… so there you have it!

Fun Fact: In this video Kristen plays a guitar that was used on several Asking Alexandria albums, her husband produced some of the band's albums and the guys left tons of stuff in their studio over the years!

Huge thanks to my good patrons for suggesting the name Co-Lab, voting on it, picking the art and for being the enablers that you indeed ARE. Join the Meytal Patreon Force →

excited to see what you guys think!

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Co-Lab - Into The Fire - Featuring:
• Nikki Simmons - Vox -
• Anna Sentina - Bass -
• Kristen Sturgis - Guitars -
• Meytal Cohen - Drums

Co-Lab - Into The Fire (feat. Meytal Cohen, Anna Sentina, Nikki Simmons & Kristen Sturgis)