Sally: Lipstick - Drop Down from Halloween Night ~ @ Kichijoji CRESCENDO 2018

Girls band which is rapidly rising in popularity now LIPSTICK. Special delivery of Halloween live images in 2018! ! 3rd ALBUM 「FULL THROTTLE」 tracks included. High-tension works without asking questions, completed here! ! Although this work "FULL THROTTLE" is the first full album of the current member, it is unbelievably powerful and tremendous that the majority is a young woman, it is exactly a full throttle sound source. This is a work that seems to be LIPSTICK with a catchy melody in heavy sound of a man-defeated mind, but it is a moderately wide work with not only songs with high tension but also sadness at times, sometimes with rock and roll taste . It is a piece of their whole body that has the possibility to embody the enthusiasm of Heavy Metal of the 80 's in the present age. Price excluding tax ¥ 2,500 (excluding tax) Record number: GV 10-1835A 1. TOO BAD 2.Sleepless Moonlight 3.Holy Knight 4.Hello Rock'n Roll 5.In the WPRLD 6.TO BE WILD 7.WAR-WAR- WAR 8.HOROSCOPE 9.DROP DOWN 10.Are You Ready? Thumbnail illustration: kineko @ (@ m _ kineko 2) ... @ lipstick_tw

LIPSTICK "DROP DOWN" 2018/10/21 ~ Halloween Night ~ @ Kichijoji CRESCENDO