Sylvya Boschiero: Pantera - Domination - awesome play through

Hi guys, today I want to publish one of my favorite Pantera songs: Domination! I can not even describe the emotion I felt when I finished recording. Domination was one of the songs I've always dreamed of playing since I discovered the world of metal. Today I am very happy to bring my version, it will not be precise, it will not be performed at its best but I have put heart and passion on it. I did not just enjoy playing it, but recording it. The search for sound was not easy at all, but in the end with a little experimentation, a lot of patience and perseverance, here we are. I used an old Randall Rg50 from 1987, a 2x12 Marshall 1922 case and a PG58 to record everything; as effects I used the MXR EQ, Pitch Box Moder, and Delay BOSS. Ok, all very homely, but the beauty was just experimenting through StudioOne. The base of drums and bass instead I found them already produced, but I hope to learn to make those too. In short, the moral of the story, I discovered my great passion in recording that I hope to deepen very soon. I will not elaborate more, I wish you a good listening \ m /


Pantera - Domination Full Guitar Cover