Alicia Marie: Coming Back to New Orleans

Here is another tune for your listening pleasure from me and the fellas (watch in HD)! We are performing “Coming Back To New Orleans,” an original tune by my bassist friend, Jose Luis Cuellar Garcia. I am glad Jose asked me to collaborate with him on his tune—we had a great time performing and exchanging ideas about it!

Alicia Marie: Vocals/Guitar
Jose Luis Cuellar Garcia: Bass
Brandon Gregory: Drums

* In addition to this trio version, I also recorded a solo version of “Coming Back To New Orleans,” which is accompanied by videos and pictures of New Orleans. If you would like to check it out, you can see it at the following link:

Recorded with an iPhone7 in Oxford, Mississippi.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

"Coming Back to New Orleans" by Alicia Marie (Trio Version)