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Now, let's release the second maxi single "Moon has eaten" MV of Singer / Songwriter Eina Fujita! Variety show appearance and gravure idol, actress, guest visit of Jakuso, Pachislot writer, wrap as MC bikini Eina Fujita who continues unconventional activities such as They tend to be seen in iromono because they wear a bathing suit, but they have a reputation for poetry's worldview, catchy melody, singing ability, and MC with gaps (geographical voice). Launched the second maxi single "Moon waked" on 16th January, 2019. The song "TRIP DANCER" from the pillows is covered by a coupling song.

1. Tsuki ga Tabeteshimatta
3. Tsuki ga Tabeteshimatta (Instrumental)
4. TRIP DANCER (Instrumental)


# Eina Fujita # pillows # King record