Diana Rein: Queen of My Castle - Gulf Coast Records

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The video for Diana Rein’s “Queen of My Castle” is the first song off of her album of the same name. The full album will be released by Gulf Coast Records on June 21st. A song to empower all of the Queens in the World, this blues shuffle will get under your toes and lift you up. The inspiration for the fun and whimsical video was ZZ Top meets Old Hollywood Movie Musicals and all of the glam and fun that entails. A little song and dance always makes for great entertainment and that’s exactly what Diana aimed for....to entertain and introduce her new single to the World with some groovin’ guitar playing, some flashy sequins and a smile.

Diana Rein : Writer/Co-producer/Vocals/Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar
Michael Leasure: Producer/Arranger/Writer/Drums
Dave Osti: Bass
Drake Munkihaid Shining: Keyboards
Background Vocals: Diana Rein, Steve Polacek, Vaughn Polacek, Lincoln Clapp, Melissa Bonning, Julia Clapp, Mackenzie Clapp
Recording Engineer: Billy Burke at Lov

Queen of My Castle - Diana Rein -Gulf Coast Records