Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: major 1st album from the Japanese female technical rock fusion guitarist.

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! Rie aka Suzaku major 1st album of which is known as one of the few female technical guitarist

■ hard sound and transcendence technique in T-SQUARE and melodious reminiscent of the michiya haruhata rock fusion

A recording by the co-star with talented members such as the high school girl drummer "Sato," who is featured, and T-SQUARE's successive bassist "Mitsu Sudo," "Akira Tanaka" .

1. Urban Highway
2. Seaside Avenue
3. Furinkazan-
4. Top Runner
5. Wangan Street
6. Luck the Drive
7. Power Engine
8. Towards the Horizon
9. Suzaku 2019

Rie aka Suzaku
recording・ Member
Drums: Rei Sato (M-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9)
Bass: Mitsuru Sudo (M-1, 5)
Bass: Atsushi Tanaka (M-2)
Bass: Hidaka Mayu ( M-3, 7)
Bass: Juna Shibata (M-4, 6)
Sax: WaKaNa (M-4)

Complete composition: Rie aka Suzaku

* All songs Instrumental
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One of the few female technical guitarists Rie aka Suzaku's major 1st album, a rock fusion album with a super player. (C) RS