Yesol: Desert flower-snow show :: 20190907

Desert Flower is a psychedelic art rock / post rock / noise / squeezing 'space rock' band formed in December 2017.
Powerful and cool drums, heavy, calm bass that flexibly supports the whole theme of the song, two guitars that build up the layers of various sounds on top of each other to create a dense and precise dynamic throughout the song. It features a dreamy and unique vocal to perform.
It is composed of Han Ye-sol (guitar / vocal), Jaesun (guitar), Lee Ji-hyuk (base), and Park Sun (drum).

Desert Flower (사막꽃) is a Psychedelic Art rock, Post-rock and Shoegaze band in South Korea, Formed in December, 2017. They are formed with powerful and cool drum, calmly heavy bass which support other instruments, and two guitars which make various layer. Those two guitars are compactly and precisely making dynamics. Vocal, as an instrument, is dreamy and special character.
Guitar/Vocal - Yesol, Han
Guitar - Jae Seon
Bass - Ji-Hyuk, Lee
Drums - Sun, Park

Synesthesia 2 Wings of Desert Flower, Tsunami, Outside, and Above Platform Changdong 61 Red Box

an Ye Sol (G / V), Re-election (G), Park Sun (D), Hwang Young-joo (B)

Desert flower-snow show :: 190907

사막꽃 Desert Flower Full Live at FLATFORM CHANGDONG61 REDBOX