Brittany Denaro: Vixen @the Ballroom Warehouse Live Houston Texas 2019

VIXEN~(Full Live show (-1.5)@The Ballroom Warehouse Live Houston TX 11-22-19 (1080P--XAVC S-Dolby Digital)
00:00 Waiting for the Big One (Femme Fatale cover)
05:02 Rev It Up
10:43 How Much Love
14:49 Cruisin'
19:52 Runnin' With The Devil (Van Halen "")
20:23 I Want You to Rock Me / Band Intros
27:56 Streets in Paradise
33:17 I Don't Need No Doctor (Ray Charles "")
37:42 Stranglehold (Ted Nugent "") / Dr. P2
42:10 Falling in and Out of Love (Femme Fatale "")
47:10 Love Made Me (Snipett)
48:02 You Oughta Know By Now (Raymond Louis Kennedy "")
51:29 Edge of a Broken Heart
Cal Girl Members:
Lorraine Lewis (vocals)
Roxy Petrucci (drums, vocals) (Roktopuss,The Mob, Hell's Belles, Madam X, Bombshell, Blacklace)
Britt Lightning (guitar, vocals)(Jaded, Paradise Kitty, Alejandro Sanz) Share Ross (bass, vocals)(Contraband, Bubble, Down 'n' Outz, L.A. Nookie, The Dogs D'Amour, Jesse Camp, The Quireboys)

VIXEN~(Full Live show 2019)@The Ballroom Warehouse Live Houston TX