Becky Baldwin: She Thinks She's Punk Rock n' Roll - Hands off Gretel

A bass play through of Hands off Gretel's 'She Thinks She's Punk Rock n Roll' from latest release 'The Angry EP'. Check out our music videos! Visit to purchase the album, or download via iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google play etc... Also streaming on Spotify and all the other good platforms!

I am also using this video to announce the launch of my Patreon account here:
I will make extra video content for my patrons, as well as doing live streams and sharing bass transcriptions of many of the songs I play on here. Supporting me via Patreon means that I can dedicate more time to content that you enjoy, and I can start to produce better quality videos. I've also had all my gigs cancelled by coronavirus so I've found myself with a lot of time and very little income for the next few months so I thought I'd try this!

For those wanting to purchase the bass transcriptions but not make a monthly subscription, visit here to purchase printed sheets of the bass music:
I'm going to try to make downloadable PDFs available for purchase but I've had no luck yet!

Instagram / Facebook: @HandsoffGretel
She Thinks She's Punk Rock n' Roll - Hands off Gretel Bass Play Through