Marina Krupkina: Vivaldi RV 93 - Largo

Hello guys! I've participated in #Vivaldi93vsCovid19 international musical project. The idea was to perform Largo from Vivaldi RV 93 in your own style. But my style is to compose and to make funny things. So I've composed improvisations on this music in which I've HIDDEN some famous melodies. You are to guess and reveal them. Get your ears ready guys. I'm very interested to check if you find and name all of them!

The project was organized by MoNo guitar duo (Italy - Poland), the backing track also provided by them.

P.S. Actually it was difficult for me to play along with such a free-performed backing track, I'm used to strict metronome pulse. But I really tried to do my best.

Looking forward to check your answers in comments.

Do not forget to check your friends who like music - will they be able to reveal and the hidden melodies faster than you? Hehehe.

P. P. S. My instrument is called "decacorde" - a 10 string classical guitar in other words. Remember it. And welcome to join my channel

My 2nd solo album on 10 string guitar is here:

Vivaldi RV 93 - Largo (improvisations by Marina Krupkina, backing track by MoNo Guitar Duo)