Sakura Yoshida: Impellitteri / Venom

I only practiced riffs when connecting to Twitter riffs, but it would be fun when I started copying! !! When I asked, "I want to continue listening," there were so many, and I had a chance to make a copy of Impellitteri again! After that, I was a bit late in the band, but even if I included ear copying and practice, it would take about two days to have strong Impellitteri, and full picking was fast and my style is similar to my style, so I'm good at it. Some were quick! Also, it's a home recording (I can hear the sound well after all) I always record twice for Twitter ver so it's a slightly different video so please check it out too! It's the first time to combine it with a video shot on YouTube (I haven't done it since it doesn't look like a single shot) A new guitar! Aquamarine burst of kinofactory treebud! Is it my 6-string version of the 7-string? Check out Twitter Yoshida Sakura (@ sakura_gt1228)

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