Anjo Yuna: Girls Band Block - stream performance

Anjo Yuna (安城夢那) - Guitar/Vocals
Mey - Bass/Backing Vocals
Coco - Drums/Backing Vocals

WeROCK Appendix DVD, the annual "Band Improvement Committee (tentative)". Due to the influence of Corona, the April recording was scored as a non-audience recording & remote (!?)! ANCHANG from Sex Machine Guns and Marina Jenaishi from Maderas were scored remotely and recorded as an advice! By all means, let's become a band critic and let us know your scores and comments! What are professional evaluations and everyone's evaluations?

0:11 Girl band block
6:57 Delusion Replicant
13:43SPADRE "Band Improvement Committee (tentative)" is a project to give scores to the appearing bands! This time, it's a video from the live at April 3, 2020 = Sugamo Lion King. In addition, this section is also looking for participating bands with a strong challenge spirit. Your band is also included in the WeROCK appendix DVD!! For more information,