Elylva: Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere Guitar Cover

It´s time for another punk song in my list! I always wanted to do a cover from Green Day and I decided to do this song because on the one hand it´s pretty underrated in my opinion and on the other hand it´s not covered so much yet XD. If I should do another famous Green Day song even though it´s done by many artists let me know! Until this time I hope you enjoy my guitar cover of "East Jesus Nowhere" ^^.

*Tuning: Standard E
*Guitar: Cort-X (exact name unknown)
*Studio Software: PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional
*Sound: Guitar Rig 5 Pro
*Interface: PreSonus Studio 24c
*Camera: Sony Alpha 6000
*Intro/Outro: "A Force So Evil" by Paul Haslinger and "Convoy" by Charlie Clouser
*Strings by "Ernie Ball"
*Cable by "Sommer Cable"
*Plectrum by awesome "Böse Fuchs" (visit her: https://www.boesefuchs.berlin/ )

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Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere Guitar Cover + SOLO! [MULTICAM, Full HD]