Iree, Choi Hyun Jung: Rolling Quartz Random

[New Edition 21] Random-015B, Rolling Quartz Release Date: 2020.06.18 PM12 KST '015B, Rolling Quartz' [Random]'Nothing happens when you cry out for help. The world is random.' The third collaboration between producer group 015B and the rock band,'Random-015B, Rolling Quartz''The root of music for 015B is Rock.' 015B has performed various genres of music. If you think of 015B, you can think of'very old lovers','love of new mankind','from January to June','tossed away traces of the years','for a moment','now goodbye', etc. The root of 015B's music is Rock.' Producer Jang Ho-il and Jung Seok-won of 015B grew up listening to the music of the rock band as a child, and had dreamed of music by playing and playing together with their brother who played the keyboard on the band where his older brother played the guitar. After going to college, the two brothers who worked on different teams prepared for the 015B debut album and became a team again, and over time, they became the current two-person producer system. The beginning of 015B was a team composed of performers without vocals, and has released various genres of music by recruiting vocals suitable for the song. The songs that were loved by the public were mostly ballads, but they also steadily released music for Rock. The representative 015B Rock numbers include 1st album'Up the Sky', 5th'Fool's World', 6th'Hole Shop Girl','Kong Pod', and single'Let Me Go'. Started in 015B's new song series [New Edition], which started in 2018, about 1 or 2 songs a year try rock music or work with a rock band.In the 2018 season, with'EZEN' and'empty' 'Master of the Year', and in the 2019 season,'Na Sang Hyun's Band' and'Sonorama' were announced. And, in this 2020 season,'Random' will be announced along with'Rolling Quartz'. 'Rolling Quartz' is a new female 5-member rock band that is preparing for its official debut in the second half of this year and was formed at the end of 2019, focusing on'Club Rolling Stones' as a performance opening and guest for numerous bands, and is improving its skills. Jang Ho-il, who had a lot of affection in the domestic band scene, was also interested in'Rolling Quartz' and co-worked with 015B to see the skills and possibilities of'Rolling Quartz', who appeared as a guest in the performance of'Jang Ho-il Band'. Suggested. This song'Random' worked to reveal the colors of both teams, 015B and rolling quartz. The lyrics of this song contain a slightly pessimistic message that the world is not just as hard as it is, and life is random. Rolling quartz members participated in the performance and played guitar, bass and drums, and Jang Ho-il's guitar performance was added to create an intense sound. In addition, Rolling Quartz's vocal, Jayoung's cool vocal, makes this song full of pessimistic messages from'Random', making it sound pessimistic. [CREDITS] New Edition 21'Random' Produced by 015B Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Seok Won Jeong Acoustic Guitar &

[MV] 015B(Gongil Obi), Rolling Quartz_Random