Yuki: D_Drive -Cassis Orange - lock down performance

Please upload the "Cassis Orange" Performance Video" to your YouTube, which is an image of your performance video being added to this video. * Feel free to play the Solo part (first half, second half) of each part. Those who are selected will combine your video with the video of four D_Drive members and re-edit it to 5 people and upload it from the YouTube page of D_Drive. ●Application period ●Wednesday, July 1st-Friday, July 31st#D_DriveI'm done with the hashtag "I tried playing." Be sure to enter your contact information in the summary column for contacting us. The selected person will receive the original data of the application, so please keep it without deleting it. ・Guitar1 (Yuki Part) ・Guitar2 (Seiji Part) ・Bass (Toshi Part) ・Drums (Chiiko Part) ・Other Part 1 Select from here! If you need a score, please click here.

[Planning to play with D_Drive's song "Cassis Orange" together! ]