Niu Metal: Jason Richardson - Titan

The metal girl, formerly named Zhang Danning, was born in 2007 and is a Pisces girl
from Beijing.
The 13-year-old metal girl has been learning guitar for five and a half years. She has
been with the "Uncle Flower Arm Metal" since she was a child, giving her a different
growth experience than most of her peers.
As you can see from the name, Metal Niu is a fan of metal music. Due to her superb
piano skills, it has been less than a year since she registered her account. She has
10,000 fans at station B. It is difficult to flip. The repertoire was praised by many piano
This year, the Hotone family ushered in the youngest co-artist, and it also gave us the
opportunity to interview the metal girl, to uncover the secret of her having such great
energy at a young age.
Metal Girl's personal homepage:


Hello,I am Metal Niu,from China,beijing.I am 13 years old,in grade nine.
I am very like playing the guitar and I usually play some fast song.Mr.Richardson is one of my favourite guitarist,I like his song very much!
In this video,I also have some little deficiency,hope you can enjoy it!
I will work harder in the future!Thank you very much!

Jason Richardson-titan——cover by 13 years old girl