Iris Wen: Efflore - Blood Sacrifice

2020/07/11 Animal Sacrifice on the Other Side of the Hell Night "Abyss" x "Three Ways" joint release studio @cohesive 展演空间Music / Efflore Baihua Lyrics / Henry Recording &Mixing / Henry & David Mastering / Black Frequency Studio Live Lighting / Chen Zhifang VJ & FJX / Fumi Fumi Director & Dop / Yang Boxiang Cameraman / Yang Boxiang, Guo Liqing, Lai Qianhui, He Mingfang, Ding Weiyu, Li Shaoan Editor / Yang Boxiang, He Mingfang Special Thanks / Dada Stage / Cohesion Exhibition Space from Efflore Bai Hua Latest EP "Abyss" will be officially released on 2020.04.10
Efflore Bai Hua’s "Abyss" EP first released a sorrowful chant, staggering, dancing, and falling into the void. A feast from the endless abyss Orchestra Introduction: Efflore Bai Hua Baihua, also known as wall cancer. When it is formed, there is no return, such as the spread of consciousness, endless erosion and destruction, and eventually weathering, and the dust will disappear. Member introduction: Vocal & Keyboard / Henry Guitar / Iris Guitar / David Bass / RJ Drums / Lieh Broker / DaDa

Efflore 白華 - 血獻 Blood Sacrifice (Official Live MusicVideo)