Marina Krupkina: Overtones – Why You Need 10 String Guitar

00:07 introduction
01:04 Overtones (theory)
02:20 Overtones & Guitar
03:08 The Story - Jose Ramirez III and Narciso Yepes inventing modern 10 string guitar
07:29 Brief analysis
08:19 My approach to 10 string guitar tuning
09:42 Overtones on 10 string guitar - presentation. Listen to it with your own ears!
11:12 Special thanx to my dear Patreon supporters!
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My tuning is dependent on the key and differs from piece to piece, as you've hopefully understood. The G minor tuning I show in this video is: D Bb G D A G D C A G
Narciso Yepes's tuning: E B G D A E D C G# F# (g# and f# are higher than 8th C. So, 8th string is the lowest in Yepes's decacorde tuning)
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New piece composed (Marina's Decacorde)