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Bass pedalboards. Bass pedals. Pedals for bass. How much is too much? Do you actually need a pedalboard if you play bass? This conversation could go on for an eternity. Some people have been fortunate enough to piece together just what they need through trial and error. Emily Retsas is one of those people. As a hardworking bassist for artists such as Kim Gordon and Phoebe Bridgers (along with past cohorts like Fiona Apple and Death Valley Girls), Emily’s ongoing effects equipment test has yielded these main contenders. As it turns out, bass players do indeed need pedals to recreate specific textures from recordings. Pre-amp/D.I., a wicked bass fuzz, dependable tuner, chorus, and octave all combine together to get the job done. What more do you need? Discover the answer to that question during your own unique journey!
“There’s some really cool tones you can get out of that, lots of different options. Not entirely sure what they all do… but whatever it is, it sounds great” -Emily Retsas on Sea Machine Super Chorus
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Board To Death! Ep. 32 – Emily Retsas (Kim Gordon, Phoebe Bridgers) | EarthQuaker Devices