The Commander-In-Chief: Toccata and Fugue by Bach

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. This is The Commander In Chief's own version of Bach's masterpiece, Toccata & Fugue, in collaboration with platinum selling, super producer John Haywood, who produced, co-arranged and orchestrated this song + her version of "Moonlight Sonata." This is his producer statement about the artist: "When I first worked with "The Commander In Chief" and heard her play the guitar I knew instantly
she was rewriting the rule book on electric guitar faculty and propelling this instrument into an entirely different sound world, totally unique and entirely different from what we generally know of the electric guitar. Her unique and classical-esque guitar tone sings and transcends beauty, capturing emotion in such a way that it mesmerizes at every twist and turn of the melody and blends beautifully with the orchestra.
Simply put, "The Commander In Chief" has given the electric guitar an entirely new and refreshingly different life form, one which fascinates and inspires when you hear it, and one that for me as a music producer is incredibly fulfilling to work with." John Haywood – Music Producer
The song was mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt and mastered by Stephen Marsh.
Video producer, director and editing by Elisabeth Hilltout.
Hair by Nicole Hagen-Hilltout.
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Toccata & Fugue by Bach - new version by "The Commander In Chief" (with full orchestration).