Karlijn Langendijk: Winter - acoustic jem

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Here I'm playing my new song "Winter" on this beautiful Urlacher steelstring guitar! The recording is completely natural, no need for reverb because the sustain on the notes of this guitar is so good.
When I play this piece I always imagine walking through the forest behind my house while snow is lightly falling, wearing a warm winter jacket and just enjoying all the peaceful sounds that nature provides...

Unedited recording with two Neumann KM184 microphones and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 interface.

Video shot by Dustin Furlow https://dustinfurlow.com/
Guitar by Rebecca Urlacher https://urlacherguitars.com/
Heritage capo by G7th Capo Company https://www.g7th.com/

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Winter - Karlijn Langendijk