Sakura Yoshida: BABYMETAL / Ijime, Dame, Zettai by HAGANE

Congratulations on your decision to participate in BABYMETAL Red and White 🤘 I'm so happy that we covered it again! It was just high 1 in this song that I first learned about Babymetal, and it's amazing to continue to appear in the historical red and white. I listen to it unconsciously and it's cool music! The best! If so, it's okay for all genres 🦊 It's nice to see such intense genres appearing on red and white, public channels, and terrestrial broadcasting Last year's X JAPAN, but let's make one metal frame every year 🦾 Really the first red and white Congratulations 🎉 Vocal: Uyu Guitar & Mix & movie: Sakura HAGANE Twitter


BABYMETAL / Ijime, Dame, Zettai by HAGANE