Yuika Kakeda: OROCHI - HAYATE formerly RagDöllz

2020.11.22 OROCHI start Vo.REMI Gt.YUIKA Ba.HAIBARA Dr.KANAE [First LIVE information] 2021.2.22 (Monday) Osaka BIGCAT OROCHI (ex.RagDöllz) sponsored ZURUDOGURA ■ Ticket release information will be lifted soon! Check out the official Twitter and HP! ◉ OROCHI Twitter


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From OROCHI ~ From November 22, 2020, we have decided to start a new activity as “OROCHI”. As the second chapter of "RagDöllz", I would like to deliver a lot of unique sounds with new members. We named it OROCHI with the meaning of "strong like a big snake and something that swallows everything." The first LIVE will be ZURUDOGURA, an event sponsored by "Osaka BIGCAT" on February 22nd (Monday) next year. I will do my best to become a band suitable for the name of OROCHI, aiming for height. Thank you for your cooperation in "OROCHI". HAYATE Lyrics: REMI Composition: REMI Stand up FIGHT TOGETHER Don't give up GIVE ME A HOPE Now it's the beginning There's nothing impossible If you break even 0%, isn't it just a prejudice? Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is If you look for a near vision that you can't open up even if you abandon it, start running. Even if you break all 1,000 walls and become full of scratches, you'll stand again. Don't walk, run, jump, and throw away your brave intentions, "I'm glad I was back then," I'm trapped in the past. It's not fun to go on a fixed path. done Even if I sleep or wake up, tomorrow will come. The past illuminates the present. Break all the 1,000 maps and start a big adventure with nothing. Bravely push forward. Raise your fist Straight toward the sky Ready to win. Get up and do it 《FIGHT TOGETGER》 Don't give up 《GIVE ME A HOPE》 It's impossible to break the limit wall