Kyo Pan: EHB1000S-PMM featuring Pan Xuejiao Kyo

The EHB’s headless construction, contoured body, ergonomic design, and chambered body make for a lightweight and comfortable instrument that’s excellent for long sets or practice sessions. This series also sports a combination of high-quality tone woods and versatile electronics, resulting in a cutting-edge, ultra-modern bass, capable of cutting though the complex landscape of tones required for today’s bassist.

- 5pc Roasted Maple/Walnut neck with Graphite reinforcement rods
- Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard
- Medium Stainless Steel frets
- American Basswood body
- Bartolini® BH2 pickups
- Vari-mid 3-band EQ
- Ibanez custom headpieces
- MR5HS bridge
- EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot)
- Schaller S-Locks strap lock pins
- Gig bag included

Artist: 潘雪娇Kyo
Instagram: @kyo__pan (

EHB1000S-PMM featuring Pan Xuejiao Kyo

Basic Bass Slap Riff

Funk Bass 律动Cover