Uyu,Sakura: HAGANE - Labradorite (Official Music Video)

Synopsis] I know that day. I found a stone that no one had ever seen in the 18th century with the flapping of the wings of a butterfly and the "light". The moment I touched the stone, the sight of the world that turned white in front of me and was blown into the future ... Tonight is a sad story that seems to break the color of sin. [Story] The hero who discovered a rough stone called Labradorite in a cave in the 18th century touched the stone, and the world that was blown into the future is a world where time passes = Earth There, World War III was taking place. Launched on December 8, 2020 to stop the war HAGANE 1st single "Labradorite" ¥ 1200 + tax (4 songs in total) 1. E-102y 2. Labradorite 3. SiN-Sin 4.Labradorite --instrumental-■ HAGANE CD ⇨
HAGANE Vocal: Uyu Guitar: Sakura Guitar: Mayto Bass: Sayaka Drum: Kanako music & lyrics & arrange: Sakura Photo: Raimu Lorenzo ( Assistant: ito dai (itotowa.) Laser Show & Lighting: ryosuke hagihara (NAIFF) Laser and Lighting Assistant: kanady Recording & Mix & Mastering: Macoteau HAGANE "Swordsman and Advance" Project ~ All people ~ ◇ HAGANE Twitter