Molly Miller: "Limb": Her 1978 Gibson ES 335 — Rig Rundown Trailer

“This is kinda my baby—it’s sorta my soulmate of guitars. There’s a lot of attachment here and it’s become a limb,” swoons @Molly Miller​ when introducing her 1978 @Gibson TV​ ES-335 finished in the subdued walnut. She’s been with this semi-hollowbody since Miller was 17 and scooped it up at her home base guitar store, Rhythm & Notes, in Redondo Beach.
The last gig before quarantine earned the 335 a battle scar (replacement G-string tuner) after she dropped it onstage. She’s had a refret done to it, but other than that it’s like the day she bought it. For strings, Miller rocks .011s from either Ernie Ball (Slinkys) or Gabriel Tenorio and she uses Copperpeace leather straps.
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Meet Molly Miller's "Limb": Her 1978 Gibson ES 335 — Rig Rundown Trailer