Stephanie Jones: Beneath A River Of Stars, by R. Charlton (Premiere)

Australian composer Richard Charlton wrote me this wonderful piece inspired by a sunrise tour he took to see the Field of Light. He described to me how stunning it was to see the Milky Way in a perfectly black sky over Uluru! Richard is the same composer who wrote the lovely piece ‘The Black Cockatoo Flying Alone...’
I hope you enjoy this premiere recording :)
If you would like to buy the piece, you can get it through the link below:
Some words from the composer:
"This guitar solo was written in 2019 after I had been on short holiday to Uluru, in Australia’s Red Centre.
One of the most amazing sights (along with the rock itself) is the crystal-clear blackness of the sky at night. The Milky Way really is a vast “river” across the heavens, unpolluted by any other lights. It made me think very much about ancient times and all the early people that have gazed up in wonder beneath this “river of stars”.
Coincidentally, in February that year, astronomers discovered a real “River of Stars” circling us! One billion years ago, a cluster of stars formed in our galaxy and since then, that cluster has whipped four long circles around the edge of the Milky Way. In that time, the Milky Way's gravity has stretched that cluster out from a blob into a long stellar stream. Right now, the stars are passing relatively close to Earth, just about 330 light-years away. And scientists say that this river of stars could help us determine the mass of the entire galaxy.
Astronomers have seen these stars before, mixed in with lots of stars all around them. But until now, they didn't realize they were part of a group. The river, which is 1,300 light-years long and 160 light-years wide, winds through the Milky Way's vast, dense star field. A river within a river?"
Production: Jakob Schmidt
Guitar: Paul Sheridan (2012)
Support: Guitarlift
Strings: Hannabach
Mic: Zoom H6

Beneath A River Of Stars, by R. Charlton (Premiere)