Ao Hoshii: I played the intro on UVERworld

This time, I played with the 7-string guitar provided by Dyna Musical Instruments! I'm practicing, so it's just an intro, but I wanted to see him playing on the 7th string as soon as possible, so I took it. Also, when I can play a little more, I will post a longer version at a later date (^ O ^) / ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ▼ Dyna Musical Instruments official homepage

[Practicing] I played the intro on UVERworld "GOLD" 7-string guitar! [Ao Hoshii: Female Guitarist Uverworld]#shorts

I played YOASOBI "Run at Night" on the guitar! [Ao Hoshii: Female Guitarist] (YOASOBI / YORUNIKAKERU / Racing into the Night)

[First 7-string guitar] I played the new product "Dyna MOTIVE-II" by Dyna Musical Instruments!