Cait Devin: The Biggest ALL-FEMALE Shred Collab EVER

This collab was brought to you on behalf of the amazing charity There With Care. If you would like to donate and be in with a chance of winning a whole bunch of sick prizes then text “shredfest” to 44-321! EVERY donator has a chance to win this awesome prize bundle...

- Set of Elixir guitar strings (9s)
- Pack of Dunlop jazz picks
- Audio cable management set
- Ernie Ball instrument polish
- Guitar strap
- Latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine

You can also donate by clicking the link below!

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Massive thanks to all of the players who took time out of their schedules to participate!

0:00 Intro
1:04 Cait Devin
1:39 JJ's One Girl Band
1:57 Rhea Thompson
2:14 Emily Barone
2:14 Emily Barone
3:41 Silvia Pistolesi
4:00 Abby K
4:35 Nikki Stringfield
5:09 Nili Brosh
5:27 Lexi Rose
5:44 Loida Liuzzi
6:20 Thalia Bellazecca
6:41 Rachelf
6:59 Nikki Stevens
7:16 Juliana Wilson
7:33 Ravyn Bedard
7:51 Helena Nagagata
8:08 Rikki Lee
8:26 Sydney Ellen
9:01 Alex Nicole Windsor
9:18 Chena Roxx
9:35 Shelby Benson
9:53 Lecia Louise
10:11 Becky Baldwin
10:28 Juno DeVere
10:46 Jimena Fosada
11:03 Ash
11:20 Brandy Hall
11:56 Ariel Bellvalaire

Cheers to Johnny D Young (@johnny.d.young) for creating the backing track!

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The Biggest ALL-FEMALE Shred Collab EVER