Eita, Kamijyo,Myu: DEAD ANGEL - Bomb Kokoku III

Baku Koseki is a girls rock band consisting of multiple members called "Bombs" who do not have fixed members (sometimes men become temporary members) In the third form of "Bomb Koseki III" , Miyuki x kurizabeth, two Vos sing in their individual worldviews as a new sense of twin faces, not twin vocals! ================================ Released on June 21, 2020 "No! No! Climber" songs 1 , No! No! Climber (Miyuki) ・ 2,Twin frame (Miyuki) ・ 3,No! No! Climber (kurizabeth) ・ 4,Twin frame (kurizabeth) Price: 1,500 yen (tax included) -035 / DEAD ANGEL MUSIC -------------------------------------------- -------- ● MV shooting members ・ Vo, Miyuki ・ Vo, kurizabeth ・ Gu, EITA ・ Ba, Zaku ・ Dr, ViVi * No! No! Climber kurizabeth ver is used for the sound source in the MV No! No Climbers can be purchased from the Bomb Kosoku web shop. ● Bomb Kokoku web
shop →https://bakudan-shop.stores.jp/
================================ Bakudan Koukiatsu ● Bomb Koukiatsu HP → https://baku-dan.com/
● Bomb Kokoku official Twitter → https://twitter.com/bakudan_kk

Bomb Kokoku III / "No! No! Climber" (2021) Music Video

Bomb Kokoku / BOMBERMAN -Bomb-0927 Imaike 3 STAR