Erja Lyytinen: Guitar Tutorials - Stolen Hearts

This song has lot of different sections, from easy going r+b kind of groove to Hendrix-kind of rocking sections.
"The solo starts with some nice bends. I bend with ring finger while holding the index finger on c#. Move half step up and repeat."
Welcome to follow my guitar tutorials!
In these video tutorials, we learn to play different styles of music (blues, rock, progressive .. you name it!) and different guitar techniques (rhythm, slide, arpeggios, tapping, etc.) by diving deeper into my songs and learning the tricks in them. We also go through a bit how to use pedals, as well as different guitar tunings.
The course is divided into two parts:
VOL 1 - Regular Guitar,
where we go through the songs
1. Black ocean
2. Another world
3. Stolen hearts
4. Snake in the Grass
and VOL 2 - Slide Guitar,
at where we learn to play the songs
1. Cherry overdrive
2. Don’t let a good woman down
3. Dreamland blues
4. Wedding day
Each lesson comes with a .pdf file which contain sheet music and guitar tablature for the song.
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Erja Lyytinen Guitar Tutorials - Stolen Hearts clip (bending notes)