Gianfranco Torrisi: Fly - guitar solo

#Marshallamps #originalmusic #guitarsolo #Blacktopoverdriveexperience
"Fly" is an original song by my band Blacktop Overdrive Experience, this is the guitar solo I've recorded for the track! It is probably my favorite track of the new upcoming album! Hope Enjoy, Cheers
instagram: gianguitar
facebook: Gianfranco Torrisi
My Gear for this solo:
Guitar Amp: Marshall JCM 800, 2210 Lead Series (1989)
Distortion Pedal: Crazy Tube Circuits " Stardust"
Guitar: Modded Stratocaster, with DiMarzio AT100 Humbucker in the bridge.
Sound Card: M-Audio ProFire 610.
DAW: Cubase 10 Pro.

Fly - guitar solo [ Gianfranco Torrisi ]